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Available Positions/Career Opportunities In The Childcare Sector: Work Experience Assignment, OU, Ireland

University The Open University (OU)
Subject Work Experience


Research the following areas and provide a summary of your findings:

a. Available positions/career opportunities in the childcare sector

b. The rights and responsibilities of employees and employers including health, safety and welfare at work, equality legislation, union representation and regulations relating to pay and confidentiality.


Devise a job description for the role of a Childcare Room Leader.


Identify the main work-related issues and trends (minimum 5) in the childcare industry.


Reflect on the challenges and opportunities in the sector and describe how this has impacted your career choice.

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Devise the following which you could use to apply for a new position:

a. Curriculum Vitae.

b. Cover letter.


Complete the Skills Audit (Step 2).


Complete Learning Goals for your Work Experience (Step 3). Your goals should reflect the results of your Skills Audit.


a. Complete 15 days’ work experience and complete the Work Experience Diary for each day. (Step 4). Using your completed diary, complete a Review of your Work Experience (Step 5).

b. Evaluate and reflect on your Learning Goals (Step 6). Complete the section on Career Planning (Step 7).

c. Your work experience must be evaluated by a supervisor or manager who has observed you throughout the 15 days of work experience. They must complete the Supervisor Report form (see following pages). The completed report must be scanned and uploaded with this assessment.

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