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As a non Irish citizen who was on sick leave for 3 months this year due to left eye sore and rapid eye pressure: Medical Treatment Negligence, Report , UCD, Ireland

University University College Dublin (UCD)
Subject Medical Treatment Negligence

As a non Irish citizen who was on sick leave for 3 months this year due to left eye sore and rapid eye pressure followed by loosing sight after irregular dropping and mistreated sickness (Angular Glaucoma and cataract removal)I need support in terms of legal assistance in the field of occupational medicine and hospital negligence and irregularities prior and post eye surgery treatment.

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Note, I felt deeply mistreated on not getting any information and lack of interests regarding the effective treatment of the same within the timeframe of 2 months. Unfortunately, after the cataract surgery I guarantee that my eye sight decrease and eye pressure remain higher than expected.Note, I haven’t been given any information or paperwork’s to introduce me with the ongoings.

By now, I haven’t had a chance to speak or communicate with any of those medical personnel and consultants directly involved with my medical issue…No win no fee solicitors or not? Really awful eye condition and current physical condition requires immediate action.What and how to get start…. Help me! I kindly ask you to respond with any information nevertheless of this story is going to end.

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