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Apply appropriate key performance indicators to monitor business performance: Business Information and Analytics Systems Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Business Information and Analytics Systems

Business Intelligence Assignment

Learning Outcomes Addressed:

MIML02 Apply appropriate key performance indicators to monitor business performance

MIML03 Interpret and use data models to access analytical data using modern business intelligence tools

MIML03 Apply state of the art self-service business intelligence tools and techniques to build dashboards monitoring performance and providing business intelligence

Assessment Details:

Download the compressed file on Moodle / Google Classroom called AirlineDelays.zip. This file contains more than two million records of U.S. airline flight delays.

  1. Use Power BI to analyze this data set and create a dashboard showing key metrics that you believe are significant.
  2. Your Dashboard should make use of slicers, charts, interactive drill-downs, cards (mode, medians, and means).
  3. Interactive Drilldowns should allow break down by month, airline, etc.
  4. Your Power BI file should demonstrate the use of data transformations, adding new columns, and at least two DAX measures.
  5. Produce a written report highlighting the objectives you set out to achieve with your dashboard, the key findings from the dashboard figures, and a brief description of the challenges you faced as you worked on the dashboard.
  6. Present your finding as a group in the final class of the semester.
  7. Submit your pix file and report up onto Moodle

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