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6N1957: You have required to outline in detail issues to be considered when working with children with special needs to include: Special Needs Assisting Assignment, OU, Ireland

University The Open University (OU)
Subject 6N1957: Special Needs Assisting

Assignment 1 – Skills Demonstration

section one: 

Comprehensive introduction:
You have required to outline in detail issues to be considered when working with children with special needs to include.

1. Principals of best practice, to include best practice on interventions and behavior management and best practice on inclusion.
2. Skills and qualities needed to work with children with special needs, including stress management in the work environment.
3. The Importance of Individual Educational Plans in supporting the child in activities and learning.
4. The importance of the multi-disciplinary team
5. Include your role as SNA as part of the team.

Section 2:

You are required to complete four skills demonstrations. The learner is required to evaluate case studies and carry out a role-play scenario using the points listed in each section.

Skills DemonstrationOne;RelatingSkills.

For this task, you are required to demonstrate your ability to provide timely and appropriate communication and responsive skills to a child or children with special needs. This should include:
• Effective communication (In carrying out duties, working with the child, working with the teacher or others)
• Non-verbal communication (understanding the importance of nonverbal communication with the child)
• Learners are required to create their own PECS board. Give details on its uses and how it benefits the child. (photographic evidence must be provided)

Skills DemonstrationTwo; Interpersonal Skills

(Case study) – A little girl aged 5attends your setting and has been diagnosed with ASD. The child is engrossed in an activity when another child comes over to play with her. The child becomes frustrated and irritable and it is noticed that the child is stimming to control their emotions. What steps would you take to defuse the situation and to help calm down the little girl? You are required to demonstrate your knowledge of ASD.

Show your ability to carry out a developmentally appropriate task clearly highlighting your ability to assist a child with special needs in their learning and development. This should include:

• Effective collaboration
• Effective communication and listening and responding to the child,
• Demonstration of Empathy, Patience
• Verbal and Non-verbal communication (understanding the importance of appropriate communication with the child)

Skills DemonstrationThree; Effective PracticeQualities

(Case study) A little boy aged 6 years of age is wheelchair-bound due to a condition called Spina Bifida. His classmates are lining up to go outside.
You are required to devise an outdoor activity that clearly demonstrates your understanding of inclusive practices and response to a child with special needs in the context of equal opportunities legislation and the rights of children with special needs. This should include:

• Demonstrating inclusive practice
• demonstrating collaboration with teacher and interactions with the child
• Compliance with procedures and legislation
• Children’s rights

Skills Demonstration Four; Practical Skills

For this task, the learner is required to role-play a care routine with a young child that has a visual impairment. If the child fell over into a puddle and got all wet, demonstrate the steps you would take to get the child cleaned up and back into dry clothes. You are required to devise a plan of action that clearly demonstrates your ability to initiate a care routine in a safe and appropriate manner. This should include:

• One care routine such as general hygiene procedures or Dressing.
• Demonstrating inclusive practice
• Adherence to health and safety
• Dignity and respect of child
• Promoting independence

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