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6N1945: You Are Required To Demonstrate Your Ability To Conduct Primary Research: Childhood Social, Legal & Health Studies Assignment, OU, Ireland

University The Open University (OU)
Subject 6N1945: Childhood Social Legal and Health Studies

Assignment 1: Equality Proofing in the Early Childhood Environment – 

Use the headings below within your write-up.

You are required to demonstrate your ability to conduct primary research in your work placement in respect of the setting’s policy on equality and diversity practice.Primary research is carried out to answer specific issues or questions; it can involve questionnaires, surveys or interviews with individuals or small groups.

Provide a comprehensive overview of this area, detailing existing provision and any existing aspects of equality and diversity

Make clear and appropriate recommendations to further improve equality and diversity the chosen area.

Devise an implementation plan to take forward your recommendations including changes in the Equality policy.

Section 1 –

Introduction and Aims for your chosen area of the physical environment.

A brief explanation of Equality and Diversity, in respect of Policy, Procedure and Practice.  Referring to best practice in, Diversity and Equality GuidelinesFor for Childcare Providers.

Provide an overview of the Existing Equality Provision on the chosen area of the physical environment. (i.e. resources, accessibility, layout, displays, books, storage, suitability etc.).

Section 2 –

Make clear and appropriate recommendations to further improve equality and diversity in the chosen area. (Recommendations must have specific rationale to support them).

 Section 3 –

Devise an implementation plan to take forward your recommendations. The implementation plan should include (collaboration, curriculum and policy changes, resources, budget, and timeline for making improvements) Provide a Conclusion. (Reflect on how personal, cultural identity, attitudes and values can potentially impact on the child at ECCE settings)

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