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6N1942: Evaluate a range of observation methods and explore the importance of observation in childcare settings in general: Child Development Assignment, OC, Ireland

University The Open College (OC)
Subject 6N1942: Child Development

Task 1

  • Evaluate a range of observation methods and explore the importance of observation in childcare settings in general.
  • Having gained a clear knowledge of the different observational methods available, create a table in the form of the example below, and identity which Domain of Development is being observed and which Observation Method or Combination of Observation Methods and WHY do you think your choice is the best to learn about the specific Aspects of children’s learning and development listed below?
  • Target Child in his friendship group.
  • The level of Schemas that the Target child is developing.
  • Target Child’s Arrival at the creche each day.
  • The development of the Target Child’s language for thinking.
  • Target child’s physical development.
  • Create one detailed observation cover sheet containing all required information about the Target Child from the Case Study.
  • Create a permission slip for the parent/guardian or supervisor of the facility to sign to give permission to carry out observations of their child in the Early Years Setting.

Task 2

  • Provide a holistic description of the Target child (from the Case Study provided) including her/his developmental needs, linking your findings to theorists.
  • Propose an activity program of 3 Activities designed to meet the Target child’s holistic needs.
  • Discuss how the Target Child’s interests and likes/dislikes can be incorporated by a Childcare Practitioner into these 3 planned activities.
  • Explain why you have chosen each of the activities, making references to child development theories helping to develop Target Child further.
  • Link the activities to the ECCE Curriculum Framework – Aistear choosing a Theme, Aim, and Learning Goal for each activity.

Task 3

  • Identify the Needs of Childcare Practitioners working in an Early Childcare Setting to complete Observations well.
  • Outline the Skills required by a Childcare Practitioner to meet these needs.
  • In relation to the above needs, suggest Personal learning and development goals as well as Team learning and development goals which will ensure the needs mentioned above could be met by all the Childcare Practitioners in an Early Setting.
  • Discuss the input and consultation with staff and parents/guardians that may be required in conducting observations on Children in an Early Years Setting.
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