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6N0697: Define: Customer Service, Customer Redress, Organisational Chart, Different Data Collection Methods, Market Segmentation: Customer Service, OU, Ireland

University The Open University (OU)
Subject 6N0697: Customer Service


Candidates are required to complete a total of 4 tasks that will be compiled together to make up their Portfolio/Collection of Work report:

Task 1: 

(A) Define, each of the following:
1. Customer service
2. Customer redress
3. Organisational chart
4. Different data collection methods
5. Market segmentation
6. Communication skills and technologies used in customer service
7. Customer complaints
8. Resolve customer complaints
9. Customer loyalty
10. Effective teamwork in customer care

(B) Evaluate the principles and practice of customer service in a range of public, private, and voluntary environments.

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Task 2: 

(A) Explain the principles underpinning customer service in a range of organizations, including domestic and global organizations, those dealing with internal, external, corporate, and individual customers, organizations providing products, and those providing services:
1. Customer service principles
2. Domestic organizations
3. Global organizations
4. Internal customers
5. External customers
6. Corporate customers
7. Individual customers
8. Organisations providing products

(B) Evaluate how organizational policies and industry-specific quality assurance systems can enhance customer service, to include:
1. Policies on handling complaints
2. Relevant quality rating systems
3. Quality assurance systems (150 words for each part)

Task 3:

(A) Summarise key elements of consumer legislation for an industry-specific area in Ireland, to include a comparative look at similar legislation in another country. Since the UK is mentioned in the course notes, please provide an alternative country.

(B) Describe the formal processes and associated organizations or bodies available to customers seeking protection, representation and redress

Task 4:

(A) Construct an organizational chart for two different types of organizations, to include identification of personnel with responsibility for customer service. Provide text as well as the chart to describe responsibilities.

(B) Explain how market research can

1. assist the development of customer service strategies,
2. use of primary and secondary data,
3. use different data collection methods
4. use of market segmentation

(C) Research and design a comment form, survey, questionnaire, focus group to measure customer satisfaction

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