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5N1794: Details Of The Organisation And Chosen Room/Area On Which The Safety Audit Will Be Conducted: Safety And Health At Work Assignment, OU, Ireland

University The Open University (OU)
Subject 5N1794: Safety and Health at Work

1. Introduction 
Provide a brief introduction for the reader which addresses each of the following points:
a) The aims/objectives of the assignment.

b) Details of the organization and chosen room/area on which the Safety Audit will be conducted.

c)  Identify the factors which contribute to a safe and healthy working environment.

d) Outline how Health & Safety in your organization is managed with reference to each of the following:
• Training (is there a designated Health & Safety Officer – what are his/her
• Fire Drill procedures
• Accident Reporting
• Procedures for use and disposal of hazardous materials and waste

e) The role of the Health and Safety Authority

2. Relevant primary source of information. 
Complete a Risk Assessment of the chosen room/area in your organization (using the Sample template provided) and report on the following findings:

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a) Hazards identified

b) People who are at risk from the hazards identified

c) The potential risks presented in relation to the hazards

d) The category of risk is high, medium, or low

e) The required controls to be implemented

f) The person(s) responsible for the control On completion of the Risk Assessment provides a re-evaluation of the risks after implementation of
control measures.

3. Recommendations 
On completion of the audit make clear and detailed recommendations for changes and improvements in relation to safety and health in your workplace.

4. Evaluation 
A comprehensive account of what you have learned from undertaking this assignment and in relation to safety and health in the workplace?

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