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5N1770: Discuss The Importance Of Self-Awareness And Effective Interpersonal Skills: Early Care and Education Practice Assignment, OU, Ireland

University The Open University (OU)
Subject 5N1770: Early Care and Education Practice

Guideline 1:

(i) Discuss the importance of self-awareness and effective interpersonal skills in the Early Childhood Care and Education sector.

(ii) Identify two of your strengths and two areas for development in relation to self-awareness and interpersonal skills.

Additional Tutorial Note:

(i) Discussion can include reference to personal experience/situation, teamwork, and interaction with families/carers.

(ii) Clearly identify the 2 areas you excel in and note why; clearly identify the 2 areas you feel you need to develop and note why.

Guideline 2:

(i) Reflecting on your current working relationships with peers/colleagues and discuss how you contribute to the overall effectiveness of these relationships

(ii) Based on your learning from this module, outline what you have learned about your team working skills and identify one area you excel in and one area you need to develop.

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Additional Tutorial Note:

(i) This section can include reference to Belbin’s team roles and the stages of team formation – what do you do in terms of each of these? What other skills do/will you utilize in ensuring effective working relationships with your colleagues?

(ii) Consider your approach to teamwork and note the areas you excel in and why note the areas you need to develop and why.

Guideline 3:

Reflecting on the process you use to plan and implement routines (including lesson plans) identify (using work-based examples), two areas you excel in and two areas in which you need to develop.

Additional Tutorial Note:

In this section you want to show the reader your understanding of the importance of effective planning, (types of planning; long, medium and short term, individual educational plans, daily activity plans etc.) as well as accountability and adherence to legislation and policy. Ensure to be specific in
terms of the actions you take or would take, and clearly identify your role in a team approach.

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Guideline 4:

Reflecting on the actions required to ensure a quality Early Childhood Care and Education environment that complies with relevant regulations and standards, identify two personal learning needs you currently have in this area. Briefly outline how you will begin to address the identified learning needs.

Additional Tutorial Note:

This section requires you to consider personal learning needs in relation to how you maintain or would maintain a quality environment that is in line with policy and legislation. Be very clear on what you’re learning needs are and provide a clear plan to include specific actions and a timeline.

Guideline 5:

(i) Discuss two essential skills (strengths) for working with children, families, and team members which you demonstrate in your day-to-day work. Ensure to provide work-based examples to justify your choice.

(ii) Discuss two skills that require development in your work with children, families, and team members providing examples to justify your choice.

Tutorial Note:

(i) Clearly identify two different strengths and note why you feel you excel in these areas.

(ii) Clearly identify two areas for development and note what actions you will take to address these two areas.

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