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5N0749: The Main Structures And Functions Of The Systems And The Associated Organs: Anatomy & Physiology Assignment, OU, Ireland

University The Open University (OU)
Subject 5N0749: Anatomy & Physiology

The main structures and functions of the systems and the associated organs are comprehensively addressed.

Diseases (discuss a minimum of two diseases that can occur in the system).

Diagrams – candidates must complete relevant diagrams for each system.

Referencing and Bibliography.

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This section provides an overview of what is to be discussed in the Assignment and sources used.

The Circulatory System: In this section address the following:

  • Blood – components and functions
  • The heart – structure, and functions
  • Structure of arteries, veins, and capillaries
  • Double circulation system
  • The cardiac cycle
  • Diseases (discuss a minimum of two diseases that can occur in the system)
  • Support the above system with diagrams – {hand drawn and labeled correctly}.

If you use a software program to create your diagram or use a blank template from the internet you must reference the program/internet source clearly in your work.

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